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[00:00:00] – [Narrator] Altering your brake pads and rotors can prevent a pair hundred bucks and a visit to the mechanic store. Here is what you will want to finish the job: brake pads, screwdriver, socket set, brake cleaner, grease, Scotch-Brite pad, gloves, zip ties, breaker bar, rotor, C-clamp, and excessive temp grease. I am Larry Kosilla, professional detailer and coach for the final 15 years. However in the case of what’s below the hood, I am the scholar. Comply with me as specialists educate me find out how to diagnose,

[00:00:30] repair, and modify automobiles on autoblog’s Wrenched. How typically do you have to change brake pads and rotors? – Is dependent upon the kind of car you drive, the pad materials, and the way onerous you drive the automobile. A few of our race automobiles undergo a set of brake pads in at some point. – [Larry] A few of the procedures you are about to see will fluctuate from car to car. Seek the advice of a store handbook or a web based useful resource in your particular automobile. Brake pads have a squealer that tells the driving force when alternative is critical. Some are metallic and make noise;

[00:01:00] whereas some are digital and set off a warning gentle. Ensure you are alternative pads have this characteristic as that is very important to your security. For the first step, Joe turns the steering wheel to offer me easy accessibility to the back and front of the brakes. Then, we take away the slide pins, which maintain the caliper on the rotors. This will require an alan key, torque, or different particular socket, relying in your specific car. If the pin occurs to be rusty, you should utilize penetrative oil and a breaker bar, which is mainly an extended ratchet,

[00:01:30] supplying you with extra leverage to simply loosen the bolt. Some calipers have a spring retention clip that will have to be popped off with a screwdriver. Subsequent, take away the caliper, and use a screwdriver if wanted, particularly if its rusted. Then, slide the outdated brake pads out. It is a good suggestion to hook a zipper tie by the caliper and join it to the shock, so it is not resting solely on the brake strains, which can harm the rubber and trigger it to leak.

[00:02:00] In an effort to take away the rotor, you first have to utterly take away the caliper holder with two rear bolts. Now, take away the rotor from the hub, however on some automobiles there is a screw holding it in place, like this one right here. At this level of the rotor will not come off, and particularly for those who’re not reusing it, you may gently hit it with a hammer to shortly take away it from the hub.

[00:02:30] Afterwards, scrub the hub with a Scotch-Brite pad or a wire brush. So the brand new rotor can sit flush on the hat. Earlier than putting in the brand new rotor, wash it shortly with brake clear, to take away its protecting coating utilized from the manufacturing facility to guard it in delivery. Then add a little bit of excessive temp grease to stop the rotor from sticking to the hub the following time we alter them. Hand tighten a lug nut to carry the rotor in place, or in our case, a screw is used to carry the rotor on the hat. Subsequent, clear the caliper holder shortly

[00:03:00] with a Scotch-Brite pad, and add a bit of little bit of grease to the areas the place the outer metallic shims touches the caliper and the piston. That is executed to assist reduce squeaking and potential seizing sooner or later. In case you’re utilizing authentic tools that got here with the automobile, then your torque specs will likely be in your handbook. Nonetheless, for those who’re utilizing aftermarket components, the bolts and the kind of threading could also be totally different, so seek the advice of your producer for particular torque specs.

[00:03:30] Apply grease or excessive temp silicone to the slide pins to assist them, effectively, slide out and in easily because the brakes are compressed and launched. We’ll want them in a minute, so put them shut by. Now its time to place the brand new brake pads within the caliper. However for the reason that new pads are thicker than the outdated pads, we have to compress the hydraulic piston again into the caliper, so that they match correctly. You are able to do this in two alternative ways.

[00:04:00] Any fundamental C clamp that matches within the backside of the piston and easily twist, or this cheap piston compressor. Place the instrument within the caliper, squeeze the deal with, and compress the piston till it is flush towards the housing. By doing this, we have created extra room within the caliper for the brand new thicker brake pads to suit over the rotors. Earlier than putting in the brand new brake pads add grease to the again of every pad previous to putting it within the caliper for a clean and squeak free motion.

[00:04:30] The pad with the metallic clip on the again, snaps into the piston linked to the caliper. And generally this may take a little bit of pressure to clip in. Attempt to keep away from touching the friction facet of the pads with greasy fingers. With the pads in place, snip the caliper zip tie, and maintain the load from tugging on the brake line. Fastidiously place the caliper over the rotor and the opposite pad. As soon as in place, set up the
slide pins we lubricated earlier and torque them right down to your car’s spec.

[00:05:00] That is a particularly essential step, you don’t need the bolts too unfastened or too tight. In case you’re not sure, name your native components division for recommendation. Some, however not all calipers have an additional metallic clip to safe the pads and the calipers in place. Likewise, in case your automobile has an digital brake pad sensor, like this contemporary automobile, clip them in now. As soon as you have completed all 4 corners, and reinstalled the wheels, make sure you gently apply the brakes at first when driving, referred to as betting the brakes.

[00:05:30] To do that correctly, get the automobile as much as 35 miles an hour, and slowly apply the brakes till you get to about 10 miles an hour. Then, pace as much as 35 once more, and repeat the method a number of extra instances. Keep away from onerous braking at first, to maintain from glazing the pads and rotors. The aim right here is to progressively construct up warmth within the rotors and the pad compound, which can lay down a skinny layer of movie on the rotors floor, for higher efficiency, and in the end smoother braking for the lifetime of the pads. The brakes of any automobile are it is crucial characteristic

[00:06:00] and ought to be given particular care and a spotlight to make sure the right security of its passengers and our fellow drivers on the highway. For extra find out how to automobile restore movies, go to I am Larry Kosilla from as at all times, thanks for watching.

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