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[00:00:00] [Man] On a rear or all-wheel drive automobile, the rear differential transfers energy from the drive shaft to every wheel by means of a sequence of gears and axels. The interlocking ring and pinion gears require particular lubrication to rotate easily and switch energy effectively. Listed here are the instruments you may want to alter your rear differential fluid. Socket and wretch, a catch can, break clear, gloves, glasses, gear oil, torque wrench, and a pump. I am Larry Kosilla, professional detailer and coach

[00:00:30] for the final 15 years, nevertheless it relating to what’s below the hood, I am the scholar. Comply with me as consultants educate me how you can diagnose, repair, and modify automobiles on Autoblog’s Wrenched. (easy instrumental music) – All proper, Matt, I’ve heard individuals name this factor the pumpkin, is that true? – [Matt] The technical title for it’s the rear differential housing. – [Larry] And the way usually do I would like to alter the fluid on this factor? – You must change your diff fluid between 10 and 50 thousand miles, relying on the kind of automobile you drive. Your service interval shall be completely different relying on for those who’re driving a efficiency automobile or a pickup truck. You actually ought to seek the advice of your service guide

[00:01:00] to see what your service intervals are from the manufacturing facility, and in there it is going to additionally say what sort of oil you need to be placing in your rear diff. – [Larry] First, Matt places our alternative gear oil exterior within the solar. Extra on why he did that later. Subsequent, he instructs me to take away the filL plug first, for 2 causes. Primary, you wish to make certain the plug has not seized, and would subsequently forestall you from refilling the brand new gear oil as soon as the outdated is eliminated, particularly if that is your solely automobile. You would be caught since you could not transfer or drive the automobile safely with no gear oil.

[00:01:30] And quantity two, you do it so the oil can drain out a bit simpler, however you do wish to make certain no filth will get within the uncovered gap whereas it is draining. Some rear diffs wouldn’t have a drain plug like this one right here, and require you to take away the quilt itself. Seek the advice of your guide earlier than you get began. This is usually a difficult job. On this explicit automobile, altering the rear diff fluid is much like changing engine oil. Take away the decrease drain bolt and catch the fluid in a pan or a catch can. The previous few turns of the bolt ought to be accomplished by hand

[00:02:00] so as to keep away from dropping the bolt and magnet into the pan stuffed with outdated oil. I caught a small cup of outdated gear oil to see the earlier than and after shot on the finish of this video, however no must do it at dwelling. Make sure you correctly get rid of the spent fluid, that is poisonous and should be disposed of correctly. Verify your native auto elements retailer to see in the event that they recycle or can advocate the place to go. Subsequent, clear the bolt which doubles as a magnet. That is designed to catch the metallic shavings

[00:02:30] brought on by the gear’s rubbing throughout common use, and is completely regular. Use brake clear and a clear rag to take away the particles earlier than re-installing with the brand new crush washer. Hand tighten the bolt at first to keep away from cross-threading, then torque to your producer’s prompt torque spec. Subsequent, the gear oil is retrieved from sitting exterior within the solar. By heating it up within the solar, it flows a bit simpler because it travels by means of the hose and into the pumpkin. Now place one finish of the pump hose into the oil

[00:03:00] and insert the opposite finish into the fill gap. Pump till suction is created, and oil begins to maneuver from the container. Remember, in case your automobile has positraction or a restricted slip differential, a particular gear oil additive is required to maintain these further elements lubricated correctly. Fortunately, our gear oil already had the additive combined in. So how are you aware when the rear diff is full with out a dipstick just like the engine oil, the trani fluid, energy steering, and even the brake fluid. Nicely, the filler plug gap itself

[00:03:30] is strategically positioned on the correct stage of the place the gear oil must be simply earlier than it begins to spill out. As you may see, the oil will slowly weep out of the outlet, letting you already know that the correct stage has been met. Tighten your fill bolt, in our case it was 33 foot kilos, and double test your work. Wipe the realm clear so you may simply spot potential leaks sooner or later. Clear differential fluid will assist scale back friction, aggressive put on, and eventual harm by extreme warmth, which you may really feel as a vibration

[00:04:00] within the rear of the automobile whenever you’re driving. On the very minimal, learn your proprietor’s guide to evaluate the upkeep routine for all of your fluids, together with the at all times forgotten rear differential. For extra how-to automobile repairs movies, go to I am Larry Kasilla from, as at all times, thanks for watching.

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